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About Us

Nishiv Food Products was established in 2021, company started by two friends. He started his small business with namkeen and roasted gram in the super market of Indore city and its surrounding districts of Madhya Pradesh. The objective of Nishiv Foods is to provide quality & fresh namkeen products to the customer.

The aim of Nishiv Food Products is to give good and best quality taste to every customer, so the company is connecting the distributor. Along with this, every district is also in the process of having its own store.


Nishiv Food Products is always ready to increase your business. If you want to list our Namkeen products on your store, then you can contact us directly.


For Distributor of the company, you can call or email on the number given below.


Open a company store, expand the company and your shop in your city.


Nishiv Food Products has a wide variety of Namkeen available.

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  • Namkeen
  • Farali
  • Chips

Ratlami Sev

Laung Sev

Ujjaini Sev

Barik Feeki/ Kashmiri Sev

Roasted Chana

Peanut (Sada)

Barik Feeki Sev

Mitha Mixture

Charka Mixture

Aloo Mitha Farali Mixture

Aloo Charka Farali Mixture

Aloo Lachha

Aloo Chips (Wafers)

Aloo Chips (Moti)

Banana Chips

Moong Dal

Aloo Chips (Moti) Dhaniya

Aloo Chips (Moti) Lal

Sabudana Khichdi

Aloo Lachha (lal mirch)

Sabudana Khichdi (lal mirch)

Rajgira Sev

Sabudana Mixture

Banana Mixture

Sabudana Sigada Sev

Super Mixture

Bikaner Mixture

Cornflour Mixture (Mitha)

Cornflour Mixture (Charka)

Dryfood Mixture

Boondi Fiki

Boondi (Lal mirch)

Chana Dal (Lal)

Chana Dal (Dhaniya)

Dalmoth Mixture

Tasty Peanusts

Cornflour Mixture Green (Gujarati)

Mix Mixture

Medium Sev (Poha)




Mota Gathiya

Charkhi Papdi

Lasan Parmal


Hara Batala

Chivda (Dhaniya)

Lasan Sev

Peanuts (Kali Mirch)

Peanuts (Lal Mirch)

Barik Gathiya

Tomato Sev

Aloo Bhujia

Palak Sev



Fiki Papdi

Contact Us

Head office address

Kabambari Nagar
Rau Indore

+91 9343784207

Khargone Branch/ store address

Yadav Complex, Sanawad Road
Jetapur, Khargone

+91 8839974944